corratec Ultra


Unleash endless performance

Maximum performance on the road thanks to its aero-optimised frame and racing geometry. We have reduced the ULTRA lightweight design to a minimum. Get your unique bike now – only 34 bikes available.


No compromise.

Feel the impressive stability and stiffness from top road racing. Every gram has been optimised by our professional racing team and in-house experts to give you precise handling and absolute control. Experience the top performance with your ULTRA that inspired our pro riders at the Giro d'Italia last year, whether you're going flat out on the straights or riding aggressively through tricky corners. Discover outstanding performance. Just experience it for yourself!


corratec DNA. The Bow Shape.


Clearance. Reduced to a minimum.



Striking aerodynamic handlebar design as well as integrated cable routing minimise air resistance, whilst ergonomically shaped drops give you the ultimate control. Feel the power and precision that you deserve and you’re ready for any challenge on the road.



Wide cross-section for maximum performance. Take the perfect line through every corner. Feel the full control on your rush of speed on the straights. The integrated cable routing through the forks optimises the aerodynamics giving you maximum performance.

CCT EVO Ultra – Innovation meets tradition


Inspired by history that began in 1990, corratec proudly presents their CCT EVO ULTRA - an engineering, aerodynamic and unrivalled lightweight symphony. The design is characterised by clear lines and pure aesthetics. It combines form with function: every design feature is not only visually appealing, but also fulfils a clear purpose: perfect aerodynamics.

Limited numbers
Frame sizes
Weight (Approx.)
6.8 KG

Not just a road bike. A statement.


We combine our passion for cycling with outstanding quality and consistently focus on our Bavarian roots - from our vision to reality. In our striving for excellence, our motto is: Only the best is good enough. Cycling and road racing are not just part of our brand DNA, they are at the heart of it. Since the company was founded, our athletes have been an integral part of regional, national and international competitions. This is reflected in every detail of our ULTRA (road bike).

Boost your Performance

Our precise bike fitting ensures that the bike is perfectly customised for you – for optimum comfort and maximum performance.

Stem / Handlebar width: 90/380 mm

Colours available

Discover the ULTRA in four exclusive different colours! Choose between pure black, black and blue chrome, black and chrome or black and copper chrome - for an individual look that highlights your personality.

Corratec Parts


The ultimate full carbon frame with many aero-optimised covered details as well as integrated cable routing and seat post clamp. An absolute lightweight!


Full carbon cockpit with optimised aerodynamics thanks to fully integrated cable routing, integrated top cap design and ergonomically designed drops.


Sleek full carbon forks with wide cross-section, tapered steering tube for extra stiffness and integrated cable routing for optimised aerodynamics and precise handling.

Dan Noyola

It's not optimization. It's perfection – perfection in black.

As a professional cyclist, I'm used to riding the fastest bikes with the fastest riders in the peloton. But in Lanzarote, it was not a race- or a World Cup day, it felt more like something coming to life. It was a unique moment - the whole corratec family, the engineers, the designers, me as a pro rider, were all together. We were really nervous and, after an intense development process, we were all eagerly waiting for the result. And then it was there, this moment of satisfaction that we all felt: Yes - we did it right - we did a great job – we've created perfection. Perfection in black.

Daniel Castillo Noyola

corratec Pro Team Rider

Perfectly equipped

The CCT EVO ULTRA comes with matching outfit and accessories.

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